In Pursuit of Silence

Our first short film, In Pursuit of Silence, showcases the work of visionary director Patrick Shen and his team. The film was created such that every word spoken and every note of music was carefully considered and delicately weaved into the foundation of silence that underlies the entire piece. By examining cultures from across the world the film explores the impact noise is having on our lives. With our race towards modernity and a more urban lifestyle this mediative documentary forces us to question the direction our civilisation in moving in.

The Conspiracy of Silence

The Conspiracy of silence features a short film “Paak / Pure”, co-created by Hamza Bangash of citylights productions and Dr Mina Husain, a psychiatry trainee working in South London and Maudsley. Stitched together through Video-Calls the audience gains an intimate view of a young women dealing with the pressures of impending adulthood- and what can happen when the pressure reaches a tipping point. By seeing the contrast between her public persona and her private identity we are able to gain a valuable insight into the ways many mental health patients may suffer in silence.

The Mindfulness of Silence

To end Medfest 2018 we want to explore what silence means to you. You will be requested to participate in a bespoke meditative exercise on mindful listening led by Dr Florian Ruths, consultant psychiatrist, mindfulness teacher and cognitive therapist. By diving into the subtle soundscapes of both your external and internal worlds you will discover that even in silence, there is always much to be heard.

Choose Psychiatry

A clip produced by the Royal College of Psychiatrists: